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Practice Areas

What We Can Do For You

Kilcoyne & Kelm, LLC provides a broad range of legal services for individuals, families, estates, trusts and businesses. Our Practice Areas encompass the following:

Real Estate and Zoning

When purchasing or selling residential or commercial real estate, consult with legal counsel first to ensure a smooth transaction.  Our attorneys are skilled in all aspects of real estate law.  In addition, should land use or development concerns arise, Kilcoyne & Kelm, LLC can assist in obtaining zoning relief.


Kilcoyne & Kelm, LLC provides an extensive array of estate planning services, including the preparation of wills, trusts, financial powers of attorney, and advanced medical directives.  The firm also provides legal advice for estate administration.

Corporate and Business Law

Kilcoyne & Kelm, LLC skillfully counsels businesses in their formation, contract negotiations and review, real estate transactions, employee matters, acquisitions, sales or mergers and commercial litigation. At formation, our attorneys recommend the best choice of entity designed to maximize growth and minimize tax liability for owners. The partners have extensive experience in transactional matters as well as litigation in federal and state courts. Kilcoyne & Kelm, LLC provides strong strategic counsel in all areas encountered by our business clients by intertwining practical legal analysis with cutting edge tax advice to ensure consistent best outcome.

Family Law

Kilcoyne & Kelm, LLC offers varied legal services that assist families in times of need.


We represent clients involved in all aspects of divorce litigation.  In addition, we advise those who are separated and considering divorce.  Pennsylvania affords its citizens the opportunity to terminate the marital relationship without regard to who was at fault.  “No-fault divorce” is often the most efficient and least costly way to pursue divorce.  If spouses are separated for more than one year, or consent to divorce after expiration of a ninety (90) day waiting period, a no-fault divorce will be approved by the court.  A fault divorce is still available as a legal option if no-fault grounds are impractical.


An important part of the divorce proceedings is achieving a fair and final distribution of the marital finances.  Most property accumulated between the date of marriage and date of separation is defined as marital property, with certain exceptions.  Marital property is subject to court-ordered distribution between the spouses, along with all debt undertaken during the marriage.  If the spouses agree outside of court proceedings to settle the division of assets and debts, a contract called a Property Settlement Agreement can be drafted and executed.  The terms of the Property Settlement Agreement can be incorporated into the final decree of divorce for the protection of both parties. In this manner, Husband and Wife can be divorced without ever entering the courtroom.


While the marriage may end, the parent-child relationship most definitely will not.  At  Kilcoyne & Kelm, LLC, we strive to advocate for the fairest arrangement that accommodates the best interests of children.  Physical custody arrangements can be shared by Father and Mother equally or on a primary/partial basis.  We analyze each matter individually to determine our client’s best course of action as a parent.  Legal custody, which is the right to participate in decisions relating to the childrens’ health, education and general welfare, is almost always shared by both parents.  We advise our clients to act responsibly to ensure the welfare of the children and the preservation of the parent-child relationship.


A parent’s duty to support his or her children is mandated by law.  In Pennsylvania, the amount of child support is determined by statewide Support Guidelines.  Our attorneys guide our clients through the complex financial analysis necessary to procure the correct amount of child support due.  Also, we advise separated or divorcing spouses when spousal support or alimony is an available remedy.


A contract which determines rights and obligations between spouses is often favored by persons entering a second marriage or by those who have accumulated significant premarital property.  Pennsylvania law enforces these contracts, called premarital agreements, so long as they are freely negotiated with full and fair disclosure of the assets of both persons.  Prenuptial agreements can protect assets belonging to either party prior to the marriage and can set forth an agreed upon determination of what happens upon death or divorce.  They can be as narrow or as broad as the parties choose.  The attorneys at Kilcoyne & Kelm, LLC are skilled in the negotiation and drafting of premarital agreements.